Philip Johnson is an assistant professor of public relations in the Newhouse School.  He is a Ph.D. candidate in Newhouse, studying mass communication and specializing in public relations, social media, and digital technologies.  Johnson was previously a research assistant to Pamela Shoemaker, as well as director of marketing and interactive communications at CNY Multinational Liaison Club.  He was an administrative assistant for the Syracuse University London Program, as well, where he blogged about his experiences overseas.  In addition to teaching at Newhouse, Johnson is a consultant in public relations and digital/social media at PR Johnson, where he works with local businesses in areas such as web development, social media, and marketing.

Q: What is your favorite course you teach in Newhouse?

A: Public Relations Research.

1fa9345-1Q: Do you have any particular interest(s) within public relations?

A: Strategic planning, research, and tying in strategy and planning with analytics and online data.  I also like making management decisions on a daily basis.

Q: What is your favorite part of working in public relations?

A: Having been in the field during the cusp of all the social media explosions.  This is a big part of public relations.  All the concepts we learn still apply in the online world.  It’s cool to watch everything change and find other ways public relations professionals can use technology and are able to do the same things we have always done except on a different platform.

Q: What motivates you?

A: The unlimited experiences one can get out of life if they take advantage of it.

Q: Did you always want to work in public relations and/or communications?

A: No. I wanted to have a band. I started off in the music industry program and sang opera.

Q: What has been your proudest moment in your communications career?

A: Having a high enough GPA to get into Newhouse.

Q: Do you have any fun fact(s) about yourself?

A: I produce dance music.  I have a single, and I used to DJ.

Q: What qualities do you think make a student successful?

A: Passion.

Q: What qualities do you think make a person successful?

A: Passion, and taking what they do a little less seriously.  If you are always so serious about it, eventually it tucks that passion.