Meet Newhouse Alumnus Juan Carlos Pedreira



Juan Carlos Pedreira is a partner and senior social media strategist at Social Business Hub, Inc.  He has helped advertising agencies and brands integrate social media strategies into their business and marketing plans.  Developing the first social media command center in Puerto Rico is just one of the many incredible things Pedreira has done.  Where was he before all of this success? He was a student in Newhouse, of course! Pedreira earned his Bachelor’s degree in telecommunication/marketing in 1997.  He credits Newhouse with helping him get to where he is now, and he has some great advice for students.

Q: Why did you choose Newhouse?

imageA: The name was such a big pull for me.  I was between Marquette and Syracuse, but going to Syracuse allowed me to have the opportunity to be a student and still run television and radio stations.  The athletic program and Carrier Dome were convincing, as well.  If I had the chance to do it again, I would still choose Syracuse University.

Q: How did you know public relations was for you?

A: For the past two years I’ve been involved in social media projects related to crisis management, and I’ve done a lot of work in marketing.  Using social media monitoring has allowed us to be proactive and monitor the health of brands.  Social media has been a great opportunity for public relations graduates to tap into real time and listen to their consumers.  It is a really interesting time for public relations and advertising.  We are living in a time where there is such an interesting blend of disciplines, and it is partly due to social media.

Q: How did Newhouse help to get you where you are now?

A: The quality of the professors and the strong push toward writing and storytelling in Newhouse has definitely helped me even during the new times of social media.  In the end, social media is so much more than a distribution channel.  Newhouse also pushes students to have a liberal arts background and strong writing skills, which has been extremely helpful for me over the years.

Q: What is your favorite part about working as a social media and digital strategist at Social Business Hub, Inc.?

A: It is such a fast-moving environment with so many new things happening.  If you blink, you will miss something.  That is what makes it exciting.  This field is evolving before our eyes, and everything is shifting digital.  I don’t know if we’ll see Facebook in 10 years.  There are so many different things going on.   I think Google+ is a great platform, and it’s one I have been playing a lot with lately.  I think Vine is pretty cool and has a lot of traction, and this seems to be the year for them.  Thinking how students have all this technology while they are in college is mind-blowing.  You have so much information in your hands.

Q: What is your favorite Newhouse memory?

A: Taking that first COM 107 class is magical.  You finally realize you are in one of the country’s best communications schools.  To have that honor and the chance to be there are very special.  I recall great times at Z89 and Citrus TV.  When I came back to visit Syracuse, I had the chance to see Citrus and all the changes they made.

Q: Do you have any advice for Newhouse students?

A: I recall advice I received the last couple of months before graduation.  Read constantly after you graduate.  Never stop learning.  Be receptive and welcoming of all of these technological and media changes that are happening.  Make good friends and contacts in Newhouse.  You never know where all those friends will end up. Network with alumni, as well.  They look upon Newhouse as one of the top places.  One of the great things about Newhouse is the quality of the Newhouse Network.