Meet Newhouse Alumna Ziggy Chau



A 2013 communications management graduate, Ziggy Chau is a Public Relations Manager for Time Warner Cable in New York City where she is responsible for leading and managing all media relations to support business objectives. Chau won the 2012 Communicators Award of Excellence for “Marketing Animated News” in the Content Marketing category as well as the 2012 Platinum Hermes Awards in the digital strategy category for her PR / Social Media work. She was also recognized in the 2012 Webby Awards as an Official Honoree for her Communications campaign for Next Media Animation.

Q: Why did you choose Newhouse?

Ziggy_Headshot_August_2013A: The decision behind picking Newhouse for my graduate studies was the reputation Newhouse has on the national and international levels.

Q: How did Newhouse help to get you where you are now?

A: Newhouse has a great network of alumni, the professors have great reputations, and the networks helped out a lot in terms of meeting people. When I was in the Master’s program, I met people already doing great things. I was able to network with classmates, as well as with professors. The course that stood out to me the most was the one on social media. I was able to pull everything I learned immediately. With everything shifting digital, social media was really applicable to everything I did and am currently doing. PR management really helped, as well, because I’m currently at the management level. The class helps with theory and merging theory and real-life work together. I was able to apply a lot of the things I learned from that class, as well.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a Public Relations Manager at Time Warner Cable?

A: My colleagues. I learn so much from them. Time Warner Cable is a great company to be at. There is a lot of growth because of changes in technology, and I am at the heart of it right now. I’m in a place to be able to apply a lot of what I learned at Newhouse to the job.

Q: What is your favorite Newhouse memory?

A: The first day of the graduate program. We met all of our classmates, scoping each other out and connecting with one another. It was great seeing all the awesome things they are doing. We became best friends because we were all at the same level. It was also great being in an academic environment after being away from school for so long. It was really exciting to embark on this journey together.

Q: Do you have any advice for Newhouse students?

A: Take advantage of internships, and don’t be afraid to try different things. Take advantage of being at Newhouse, as well. Network with colleagues, professors, and alumni. They are doing great things in the industry, and you are in a position to meet great people. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and connect with people in your internships because you never know who you will meet. Don’t be afraid to approach people because they most likely want to help you.