An adjunct professor of public relations in the Newhouse School, Kate Brodock is the founder and CEO of Other Side Group, an integrated marketing and communications firm. Brodock was previously the executive director of digital and social media at Syracuse University and continues to have a strong online presence, engaging, educating and empowering influential women in technology and entrepreneurship as the president of Girls in Tech and a blogger for Forbes Magazine.

Q: Do you have any particular interests within public relations?

A: I have been on the social media marketing side for about six years now. I’m definitely more interested in the social media aspect and what that means for public relations in terms of communicating within your publics. Things like transparency, dialogue, listening to customers, providing platforms for them to speak and how that affects the public relations profession are all important when looking at social media. My favorite part of public relations is when, as a brand, you can create those very small but meaningful and ongoing touch points and relationships with your customers and see the real results and impacts.

Kate BrodockQ: What motivates you?

A: What motivates me professionally is that I’ve always been a hard worker, and I like when I can make things happen that are bigger than myself. I like big ideas, executing them and being on the right team. I love fast-paced and working with people like that. I like when I can be doing more than just going to the office every day.

Q: Did you always want to work in public relations and/or communications?

A: No, when I got out of undergrad I thought I was going to get my Ph.D. in history and teach for the rest of my life. Luckily I got into marketing and went to graduate school. I initially went to graduate school for international relations and wanted to stay on the private side of things. I ended up receiving an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship. From there I started a social media marketing firm right after graduation. I was in marketing before that but at very small startups. Looking back, I’ve always had an interest in marketing and communications.

Q: What has been your proudest moment in your communications career?

A: I’ve run a couple of really neat campaigns for clients in the past, and it always feels good to run successful campaigns. One of the student teams I’m working with at Syracuse is fantastic. The students are doing excellent work, and I’m proud of them. I’m involved in Girls in Tech, and I am very proud of my work there, as well. That’s something that definitely gets me up in the morning.

Q: Do you have any fun facts about yourself?

A: I grew up playing the cello, and I was in a rock band playing the electric cello for about five years when I first moved to Boston. Also, My husband and I have a small hops farm and brewery.

Q: What is/are your favorite quote(s)?

A: “So it goes.” It’s about the acceptance of how the world is and still being the person that you are within that world, knowing you can’t really affect it.

Q: What qualities do you think make a student successful?

A: You have to be hard working, committed, and have the courage to be a leader. You must understand that as a college student you have resources like your alumni network. Use that to your advantage and make connections in the real world. Thinking about how you can give back to that network is important, as well.

Q: What qualities do you think make a person successful?

A: Compassion, taking the higher road, and doing what you know is the right thing to do regardless of how beaten up you feel. This will benefit you in the end. A work-life balance is important, as well.